repair paint chip my car

paint chip repair is easy and cheap with touch your car paint

To have a piece of paint on the car door, hood, roof or elsewhere and want to fix it quickly, before a piece is oxidized paint! Paint chip repair is easy to do with a touch of pencil or brush, car paint. Although the use of touch-up paint that matches the color of the car, and let the layers dry between coats, you can repair the chip costs at home.
Paint Chip Repair - How to do it yourself

In need of paint peeling off of car repairs.

To begin to repair the paint chips, first determine how many pieces there are and how big they are. Determine whether your car is a metallic paint. Find the color code of your car, so you can be sure to get a touch of color to play the games.
Paint Chip Repair Pen

When painting your car is not made of metal, and only a few chips that are smaller than a pencil eraser (about the diameter of a quarter inch), you must paint a touch of the pen. We found color pencils are the easiest to use small chips of paint repair of automobiles.
The scrub-brush

If the chip (s) is larger than a pencil eraser, but smaller than a penny, you use a brush to touch the chip to achieve better results on non-metallic paint. Paint chip automotive repair areas more of a pencil eraser or a coin with a touch of the pen or brush work in an auto paint have irregular intervals.
Spray paint chip

For a repair to painting a car DIY smart metallic paint chips or larger than a penny, you need to spray painting the car. When applied to the metallic car paint with a touch of the pen or brush, metal flake in the paint will not set properly. Even if a perfect match paint chip repair paint will look darker. Save yourself the trouble and use a spray paint can for car supermarkets?
Paint chip repair kits

Now that you've found your color code and found that using the DIY products, just add a few other products for your car paint chip repair kit. These elements help to clean, prepare and peeling paint touch-up close, firm and help it to blend with the paint of your car.
Removes wax and grease for the peeling paint

Before the start of a chip car paint repair, wants this to ensure that the area clean and free of wax and fat. Clean with fresh water and soap, and contain fat and remove the wax in contact with the painting.
A paint-chip boot

When the chip passes through all the color layers of motor vehicles, by the flat surface of the primer car required. Adheres to painted surfaces and get the first touch-up paint stick to repairing your paint chips. If you need to fill in deep scratches, wear several layers of primer and the gradual increase in the top. If you priming a soft surface such as a plastic bumper with a color spray or non-metallic paint touch-ups for the SEM-adhesive so that the primer adhere well.
Clear to seal chips retouched

After applying the touch-up paint, use paint chip repair to seal the chip repaired and later to polish the area. Wear several layers of paint, so that each to dry before applying the next.
Polishing to polish a repaired chip

Car Paint Chip Repair rubbing compound is used to polish your car's paint will hit too beautiful and bright as the original painting.
Paint thinner

Have some car paint thinner in the hand is a great idea, in case of car paint put on the skin, or make a mistake. Also good to keep, paint pen (tip) is clean and can be used to thin the paint, if necessary. Remember, only lacquer thinner than the car asking how regular paint thinner will not work for the repair of paint chips.
The use of touch-up paint, automotive paint chip repair

Notes for paint pens, bottle brush and aerosols are different, but the same general principles apply. Search button, detailed painting instructions here. After painting cleaning, oiling and waxing, and a chip-boat, you are ready to apply paint pens. Paint chip repair auto works best when several coats of paint touch-up use. Let each layer before applying the next dry. Wait at least overnight before applying the clear coat on touch-up paint.
What do you expect your color chip garage
When ordering touch-paint, the color of your car (we guarantee our customers a color matching) matches, you can get rid of the bits of color. You will be hundreds of dollars on the price of car repair store lacquer chip, by doing it yourself. By ordering our sense of quality products and color to the basic instructions for the repair of paint chips, rust will not happen again and your car look great!

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