color match waxes for cars

The concept of the body color of the car wax has been around for a while now. The logic is something like this:
"If the traditional car wax, covers blemishes and improves the appearance of my car paint, how much would be better if you use the same color wax my car?" You probably think that the use of car wax the same color as the paint on your car, hiding, covering capacity, or the filling by the addition of car wax with a color enhanced. It would be interesting to notice that the car manufacturers are very few doctors have such a thing, and that the concept has produced very few variants, Turtle Wax is one of the few.
The logic behind marketing

In a perfect world, we can all live our lives and focus on advertising, to be honest and sincere, but the last time I checked, this is not a perfect world and most advertising is less true. As consumers, we are always many thanks for the publicity to be plagued by our own ignorance and laziness, and that is why we have products such as body color of the wax. It is true that I am sound as a professional auto detailing as a logical response to a common problem:
• traditional car wax, skins and covers small blemishes and spots of color on my car.
• If the traditional car wax, this is the case, with a wax color match my car paint should work even better!

The advantages and disadvantages

As human beings we are always looking for shortcuts. Not only does this car wax product colors in the power of suggestion, but also feeds on human laziness and ignorance.

Most of us do not have the ability to determine what and how a healthy color, and troubleshooting:

• What are all those little scratches and stains on my painting?

• How can I polish covered with wax or paint, what should I do?

• My work is very bad, but I do not know where to start?

But I know I can buy that color car wax and rub it on my painting, all these bands and spots in the process! Sounds like a problem solving intelligent decision ... Right?


The type of scratches that most of us is on our color hundredths inches deep. Traditional waxes and will make for the same problem. Adding color to the wax does not produce any appreciable difference.
When it comes to scratches, wider and longer, but will not provide lasting relief. These pencils car with sticks added colors that provide temporary results at best.

Presentation is everything

Whether you're selling your home or car, the presentation is king! This is because, houses, cars, etc., to their feelings, not logic, will be sold. Therefore, to generate a positive emotional reaction to close the sale.

When you create a positive emotional response when it comes to selling your car like, and you are ready, click "Buy Now" on his car supply details favorite website, you should consider the following:
• The use of body color of the wax is a mere stopgap.
• Your child pencil can be used as a temporary solution.
• A permanent marker can also be very effective.
• You can even attack their girlfriends, mothers, daughters, wife, friends, etc., nail polish collection and find a similar color to the color of car paint.

Touch-up paint is really the best solution when it comes to "cover" for larger, deep scratches. Most people seem to quickly get nervous when they have to try to think to use automotive paint refinishing. I guess part of this sudden attack of nerves is the fact that the paint is permanent change, and most people do not feel a firm hand.