How to wax your car

"Learn to wax your car in good condition, then you wax your car on a regular basis ensures that your car's paint is very similar in the coming years!"

His painting is under attack. It's true. Paint your car is constantly under attack. Acid rain, intense UV radiation, rain, industrial, insect spray, bird droppings, dust and difficult to break up deposits of water are just some things that can attach to your car paint and damage the surface. By applying a high quality car wax ask on a regular basis, a sacrificial barrier to protect against the elements mentioned and pollutants.

WAX CAR SET. The wax is a generic term that may be used to products resulting from organic wax babassu Copernicia cerifera is also known as "carnauba" or wax can be describe derived can be used to be a synthetic polymer "wax" is used to describe to the car paint as "paint sealant" to protect known. Organic "carnauba" waxes come in paste and liquid form and give a deep, wet-look gloss. Synthetic waxes, polymers are typically in liquid form. In recent years, polymer waxes have a long way from what they look like coming. Polymers can be used to provide sterile a type of plastic, brightness, but this is not the case. Today, polymer waxes compete for best Carnaúbas, when it comes to appearance. Polymer wax provides more durability and protection offered by carnauba wax. For the rest of this article, the term "wax" is used to describe both organic and synthetic waxes.

Frequency of use As you probably noticed, in the title have this article that I wrote "wax your vehicle regularly." This point is so important to address before entering the current process of waxing a car, we have this problem. There is much misinformation on the Internet. There are many products that today was just the marketing tactics and deceit. Some products claim period of 1 year, 5 years, or even "Never wax your car!" Shelf life of 1 year, for example, in a "garage queen" that are not exposed to the elements possible. If you really go to your car, wash it regularly and in a park in the sun, without a car wax lasts a year! Period.

SUSTAINABILITY OF WAX car, there are many things that determine the longevity of a car wax. Some factors:

First The composition of the car wax. Is it organic or synthetic? For most, synthetic "polymer" and not as an organic hard wax "Carnauba" wax. In general, carnauba wax takes about 1 week and 4 months. Polymer last 1 month to 1 year waxes. It all depends on what the surface is exposed. Your results may vary.

Second Amount of UV exposure.

Third The frequency of washing and the washing process.

4th The state of the color of the car. If the paint is rough or smooth? The oxidation is it? Waxing in an old, neglected finish is a waste of time. The wax will not last.

5th The quality of preparation before waxing.

Preparation is of utmost importance when it comes to your car wax. Bond's best car wax contaminants on a smooth, clean and free. Good preparation is vital for painting a wax finish for long. When painting your car is not as smooth as glass, claying and polishing may be necessary to create a smooth surface that the paint is ready to wax.

CAR HAIR: THE PROCESS At last! So now we know what car wax is a product of the victims, which was designed to protect paint and low simultaneously to improve the appearance of the painting. We know that it is technically car wax, how often they must be applied and the duration. Now we must learn to apply car wax!

This is the part where you actually pay to read the instructions on the label of favorite car wax. In most cases, the manufacturer gives you the best results. In some cases we have seen manufacturers provide questionable directions on the label.

No matter what type of car wax that you want to apply, please note that for best results, use as a product as possible. Several thin coats are better than one thick layer. They will leave behind a clear and microscopic layer of wax. Remove any excess material at the disposal of waste. The more you apply, you need more. When it comes to thin is better.

The wax can be applied by hand or by machine with an orbital polisher. I used this method successfully. When the wax by hand, I give in a position in a confined space and the adjustments that do not enter the machine, you have. When the wax with a polishing machine, larger surfaces polished in a short time. A polishing machine wax types that are much thinner and applied by hand.

For manual application, I prefer a pad of foam wax applicator. Not wet the pad with water, which can remove some of waxes and polymers too sticky, tacky and difficult. Is used I prefer to start the foam pad with the product of real wax. "Priming" is the simple application of liquid wax applicator car in wet moss, and the product can be distributed more evenly. It does not take much a product of the keyboard properly prepare. Apply the wax with long straight overlapping passes. Do not apply in a circular motion, which could lead to increse appearnce of vortices in the paint.

Wet in the application of machine wax, the wax first hard enough foam to foam. Spread the wax in a small area before starting the machine. Simply switch on the device, if the foam pad in contact with the vehicle paint. S is overlapping the first side to side and from front to back. This machine will help you a layer of wax very thinly and evenly.

Some waxes are added and removed a plate at a time, while others are more effective if they are over a longer period to dry. In general, carnauba wax can be applied and removed before the next section. If allowed to dry, which can be very difficult and their residues are very difficult to remove. If this problem occurs, a new application of car wax will soften the hardened wax, make sure to dispose of waste immediately. Polymer waxes tend to work better and more easily removed if they are for a longer period to dry. These types of car wax is the polymer on the vehicle, take a break and then start removing the waste.

The best way to remove wax residue is from hand towels with thick, soft and luxurious microfiber shag dried. Uses only the best microfiber, take one in each hand and bend them to increase the thickness of the towel. Remove residue of wax and polishing and polishing to reveal the freshly waxed shine.</h3>